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Cruise tips for first-timers

cruise ship

Cruise tips for first-timers

Going on a cruise is on each one’s bucket list. That luxurious, elaborate cruise journey to our favorite destination is something we’ve always longed for. And when it finally happens, you can’t control your excitement. We’ve got you a few tips you need to keep in mind when you’re out there o your first cruise – things you need to keep a watch on to make sure your first cruise is a memorable and enjoyable experience!

Best Tips


    1. Know the ports:

      The best part about cruises is that they halt for more than a couple of hours at ports, giving you an excellent opportunity to explore these places. So read about them well in advance so that you know how exactly you have to spend those hours. If you’re halting at a port, the city of which is known for its food, fashion, accessories or so on, go ahead and explore it! That’s the fun of a cruise – getting something memorable from each port back home!

    2. Pack well:

      When you’re on a cruise, you have to be prepared to face all kinds of weather. It might be too sunny one minute and might start raining the other! So you need to make sure you’re covered in case of such sudden turn of events – unless of course, you want to soak yourself in the pouring rain – by the deck! Pack well, pack smart!

    3. Take all your medications along:

      Medicines, ointments, creams and whatever else you need and can’t do without – pack all of it. All of it costs a bomb on the cruise ship, almost ten times more than the accrual prices. So if you want to save money, make sure it’s all in your bag.

    4. Drink packages and tips:

      Cruise ships offer drink packages – make sure you choose the best package with helps you bet your money’s worth without getting too tipsy! Also, don’t tip the bartender for no reason – the drink charges include the service charges of around 15% already! Most cruise goers don’t know this, and they end up paying more!

    5. Explore options for kids and youngsters:

      Cruise ships offer quite exciting and happening events for the kids and teens on board – so make sure you inquire about them and make use of these entertainment options to the best!

Cruises offer two dinner seatings – early and late. Always opt for the late one – you’ll get a lot of perks in this late seating version of cruise dinners that you’ll surely thank me later for!

                   There you go – hope your first cruise is fun and memorable!

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